Earth Moving Machines

A team of experienced engineers and technicians present nationwide. Unrivalled experience and support in machinery and heavy equipment repair.

Few things are more important to ensure the health of your machines and keeping them up and running with reliable service. At Greaves, we take great pride in our ability to provide a wide range of machine services to our clients across Pakistan. Our team of highly trained and skilled technicians combines extensive knowledge with state-of-the-art equipment and technology that can prolong the life of your machines and improve the productivity of your business.


Product Health:

Greaves ensures the long-term health of your machines. Condition Monitoring consists of five critical service elements: Fleet Management, Site Assessment, Preventive Maintenance, Customer Service Agreements and Scheduled Oil Samples. We take care of your business as well as the equipment.


Major Component Service:

If your service needs repair of major components, Greaves has the expertise to get the job done. We can perform reliable component repairs involving engines, transmissions, differentials, final drives, and much more. We also offer machining services to recondition components, helping you avoid the cost of new components in many cases.